Project Engineering, Procurement and Contracting

Organized Industrial Zones,
MV and HV Substations,
MV and HV Transmission Lines,
Solar Power Plants,
Hydro Power Plants,
Wind Power Plants,

Based on the requests of our customers, our company designs energy infrastructures for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and High Voltage Systems. Our Technical team is well experienced in the design of solar, wind, hydro, and thermal power plants. Our design scope includes the energy transmission lines, distribution networks, and organized industrial zone projects. In the design process, the selection of optimum and high quality components, listing of the general and technical specifications of the components, and preparing bills of quantities are among the services we provide. The designed infrastructures are simulated on a reliable software environment to test its functionality and property before it is applied on the site. Through the robust process, we promise state of art design for the smart energy infrastructure of our century.