Our Companies

Shobole Energy

At Shobole Energy, we are pioneers in revolutionizing the smart grid landscape. Our core focus lies in conceiving, procuring, executing, testing, and commissioning cutting-edge solutions and products for smart energy infrastructures. From distribution networks to substations, transmission lines, and various power generation systems like wind, solar, and hydropower, we are at the forefront of sustainable energy transformation.

Our expertise extends to engineering and implementing state-of-the-art technologies that enhance efficiency, reliability, and environmental consciousness in the energy sector. Shobole Energy is committed to driving Ethiopia’s energy evolution by fostering collaboration and pioneering advancements that empower communities and industries alike.

Shobole Electromechanical

Shobole Electromechanical is a premier player in the realm of engineering marvels. With a dedicated focus on elevators and escalators, we engage in projects encompassing installation, maintenance, and operation. Our collaboration with esteemed partners such as AKFALIFT Elevator, Elevator Solutions, and Escalator Manufacturer, based in Turkey, ensures that we import and provide high-quality European standard Turkish elevators to Ethiopia.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our utilization of the latest technology and micro-engineered products. From the design stage to rigorous testing, we ensure that every product aligns with our values of comfort, efficiency, and reliability. As we contribute to the enhancement of Ethiopia’s infrastructure, we also prioritize capacity development for both customers and energy systems.

Shobole Export

Shobole Export is synonymous with Ethiopia’s finest coffee. With an unwavering passion for sharing Ethiopia’s rich coffee heritage with the world, we have emerged as a leading exporter of exceptional coffee beans. Our meticulous selection process involves sourcing the finest beans from the country’s revered coffee regions, resulting in an unmatched coffee experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

As dedicated ambassadors of Ethiopian coffee culture, we take pride in delivering captivating flavors and aromas that reflect the essence of our nation’s coffee legacy. Through our commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability, Shobole Export is not just a company but a gateway to Ethiopia’s coffee journey.